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what dances at dusk is an unavoidable promise
the same, repeating actions
the malfunctioning marionette
(are you struggling? are you in pain?
i'll put an end to this right here)
he sang a love song,
    or only sang a long song
oh! and the wind buried it so in vain

diana, my dear, i want to see you once more...
is this feeling an unforgivable sin?
if i follow that procession of people, will i be able to reach you?
sanctus espiritus, redeem us from our solemn hour (8tracks|graphics)

i. our solemn hour (within temptation) || ii. we’re all to blame (sum41) || iii. iron (woodkid) || iv. no church in the wild (jay-z & kanye west ft. frank ocean) || v. surgam identidem (yuki kajiura) || vi. dance with the devil (breaking benjamin) || vii. skyfall - violin cover - || viii. devils & dust (bruce springsteen) || ix. eternal love (future world music) || x. time that remains (three days grace) || xi. bonus track (play to find out)

i'm the thorn in your side, makes you wriggle and writhe
Round and round goes, the roulette of God...
At times, even in the seemingly firm walls of ethics,
holes open easily
and who are you, the proud lord said, that i must bow so low?
and my body was bruised and i was set alight (8tracks|graphics)

i. credens justitiam (TAM) || ii. colors (crossfade) || iii. so cold (breaking benjamin) || iv. the golden age (woodkid) || v. one-x (three days grace) || vi. only if for a night (florence+the machine) || vii. the outsider (marina & the diamonds) || viii. expectations (three days grace) || ix. bonus track (play to find out)

♡ if you tell me to rule such a world, i already rule it ♡

can you stand the person you've become? (8tracks|graphics)

i. pale (within temptation) || ii. excalibur/zero (WAVE) || iii. decretum (yuki kajiura) || iv. shake it out (florence+the machine) || v. don’t fall asleep at the helm (sleeping with sirens) || vi. ghost lights (woodkid) || vii. the weight of living - part 1 (bastille) || ix. bonus track (play to find out)

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