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♡ if you tell me to rule such a world, i already rule it ♡

can you stand the person you've become? (8tracks|graphics)

i. pale (within temptation) || ii. excalibur/zero (WAVE) || iii. decretum (yuki kajiura) || iv. shake it out (florence+the machine) || v. don’t fall asleep at the helm (sleeping with sirens) || vi. ghost lights (woodkid) || vii. the weight of living - part 1 (bastille) || ix. bonus track (play to find out)

fanmix yourself memeabout the owner of this blog

‘cause i’m just a soul whose intentions are good, oh lord! pleease don’t let me be misundersttood’ (8tracks)

i. another one bites the dust (queen) || ii. zombie (versailles) || iii. seven devils (florence+the machine) || iv. rolling in the deep (go radio) || v. how you remind me (nickelback) || vi. please don’t let me be misunderstood (santa esmeralda) || vii. when can i see you again (owl city) || viii. bravado (lorde) || ix. blue velvet (lana del rey) || x. seven nation army (white stripes) || xi. buy the stars (marina and the diamonds) || xii. timber (kesha ft. pitbull) || xiii. someone like you (woodkid) || xiv. leave out all the rest (linkin park) || xv. sex yeah (marina and the diamonds)

"Continuing to be tormented by an endless nightmare,
a shower of garnet fresh blood rains upon me.
From the other side of the forest, footsteps come echoing
Ah... here I come to trample on myself..."

guess who’s stuck at the 7 hottest scenes part of the fangirl meme

fangirl meme: 7 heartbreaking scenes [7/7]

"Dad, dad, come on, you gotta get up. Dad, we gotta go home... Dad..."

fangirl meme: 7 heartbreaking scenes [6/7]

"That's right. It's already been said - I, will bear you. 
Within his shaking hands, the woman's spine snapped and broke.
And once again, the landscape was altered"

fangirl meme: 7 heartbreaking scenes [5/7]

"I do notice that they omit the part where I covered her in flowers. Because even that smacks of rebellion"
"The stories locked in suspension will come alive again
Why are you crying? Is living sad?
At times like those, just laugh loudly.
Let's make a smile blossom,
one that gently cradles the world"
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